PRP Boost Treatment

PRP is becoming a rising star in the medical aesthetics world! Not only are we seeing PRP stimulate hair growth and help aid in recovery after microneedling and other ablative treatments- we've also started incorporating it with filler treatments to help enhance and "boost" your results! This "liquid gold" can be used by itself as a natural alternative or in combination with filler for more dramatic changes. 


 As a stand alone treatment, PRP can be injected into areas that have started to lose elasticity and collagen. Introducing PRP into the tissues causes stimulation of:

  • platelet-derived growth factors

  • vascular endothelial growth factors

  • epidermal growth factors

  • fibroblast growth factors

  • and more!

 Activated PRP can be injected into delicate areas, areas such as the tear troughs, and throughout the face to naturally stimulate the body's natural synthesis of collagen. 2 to 6 weeks after treatment, you will notice changes in the fullness and brightness of your skin that makes you look well rested. This treatment acts like an autologous temporary "filler" that holds the growth factors into the places that it needs it the most. This allows for collagen production and for remodeling of the soft facial tissues to deliver full and healthy skin! PRP can help with uneven texture, breakouts, skin laxity, and help brighten the complexion. 

Results can be seen after one treatment but is recommended in a series of 3 to 6 for maximal results. ​ For those that may be hesitant to work with fillers and for those that want to increase their benefits of filler, this treatment helps dark under eye circles, loss of volume, and dullness of the face.

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