In Memoriam:

Dr. Todd McCarty, M.D.

Dr. McCarty passed away at the end of March 2020 but continues to be our innovative leader and daily inspiration. While we miss him greatly, we honor his memory by caring for his patients and moving forward with his vision. We maintain this page to pay tribute to him as a provider, leader, and mentor. 


Dr. Todd McCarty, M.D. was a leading board certified, fellowship trained weight loss surgeon with an aesthetic background located in Dallas, Texas.  For Dr. McCarty, the overall treatment goal is medical and surgical weight loss as well as aesthetics to improve the face and body, as well as achieve something deeper and more far-reaching that elusive quality of self-esteem and positive self-image.  As Dr. McCarty explained, “We use extensive clinical experience and innovation to deliver the latest advances in weight loss and aesthetics and have a wide range of treatments available in both of our locations.”  McCarty Weight Loss and Wellness and Lakewood Aesthetics are two dedicated facilities to bring out the best possible enhancement in appearance and rejuvenation.  In fact, Dr. McCarty was recognized as the Medical Director of several facilities with Center of Excellence designation and has himself been certified as a Surgeon of Excellence. Notably, Dr. McCarty used his knowledge, skill and creativity to perform his patented Mini Sleeve procedure, a less invasive surgery with faster recovery and improved outcomes compared to standard laparoscopic operations.   Combined with comprehensive support and medical supervised weight loss, overweight patients treated at McCarty Weight Loss Center are empowered to remain healthy for life.

When queried about anti-aging, Dr. McCarty shared some wise words as he remarked, “A youthful attitude can go a long way towards anti-aging.  For men, testosterone supplementation can be associated with improved health and virility in select patients. For women, medical grade skin care, injectables and body contouring help maintain a youthful appearance and feeling.  In the end the best treatment approach is individualized to obtain the results each person desires.”