The DermaPeel treatment is exclusive to Lakewood Aesthetics that utilizes the physical and chemical exfoliation of Dermaplaning and Chemical Peels. Texture and clarity of the skin can make a big impact on your appearance! If you suffer from a dull complexion, uneven skin tone, and rough/congested skin then you would be a candidate for this procedure

DermaPeel (Dermaplaning + Chemical Peel)

 Dermaplaning uses a medical grade scalpel is used to physically exfoliate the top, outermost layer of the skin and also removes fine vellus hair at the same time. By removing these accumulated skin cells, your skin will feel soft, allow for your moisturizing products to be absorbed more efficiently, and your makeup to glide on smoothly. 

Chemical exfoliation is also used to help treat certain skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, acne, fine lines, and rough texture.


Our Chemical Peel treatments utilize pharmacy grade products and DermaQuest products. Chemical peel acids dissolve the proteins that hold the skin cells to the surface of the skin and are attracted by cells that are damaged. These treatments are usually recommended in multiple treatments to treat specific conditions, however improvements can be seen even after one treatment. Reduction in pore size, lightening of hyperpigmentation, production of elastin and collagen are all wonderful side effects!

Dermaplaning and Chemical Peels can also be done individually, but these combinations increases the benefits and satisfaction of each treatment! For more information regarding your specific skin concerns, consultations with our licensed esthetician are recommended prior.